What Is the Importance of Compression After Plastic Surgery?

When we talk about compression garments with patients at our practice, most first think of expensive figure-flattering clothing or athletic leggings. These are similar to the compression bras and bodysuits we’re usually talking about, but a little less hi-tech.

Competitive athletes are usually the ones most familiar with surgical recovery compression clothing, and they even use items like compression socks and bras for some of the same reasons we recommend compression garments for surgical recovery. These are some of the top benefits and reasons why compression is so important for patients recovering from various types of plastic surgery.

Increase Oxygen to Surgical Sites

One of the main reasons you see competitive runners wearing compression socks at the starting line is because compression helps increase circulation. Increased circulation helps your body deliver oxygen better to muscles—like those fatigued during a marathon—and areas where your body is rebuilding new, healthy tissue—like the site of a surgical wound.

Reduce Swelling

When you’re recovering from plastic surgery like liposuction or a tummy tuck, it’s important to control swelling for many different reasons. Swelling, in general, can cause excessive inflammation and discomfort; however, controlled swelling often leads to slightly better results. Compression bras and other garments made for specific parts of the body help reduce post-surgical swelling by reducing fluid buildup under the skin’s surface.

May Help Reduce Scarring

One of the best ways to ensure your body heals after a plastic surgery without excess scarring is to stabilize the wound site. Compression garments do exactly that. By applying pressure with the right type of compression garment, the wound can heal without wiggling around too much and without building excessive scar tissue around the site.

Reduce the Risk of Infection

With proper bandaging and cleaning, your risk for infection after a plastic surgery procedure is low. Though, a compression garment often helps reduce that risk even more by providing an extra layer of covering to protect the wound from irritants and environmental pollution. Some compression garments even dry-wick moisture away from your body, reducing bacteria on the skin’s surface. Just make sure you’re also regularly cleaning your compression garments.

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