What Is the Best Age to Begin BOTOX® Treatments?

Women and men are becoming more interested in injectable anti-aging treatments every year. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, an estimated seven million injection procedures were performed in the last year alone. And we’ve seen an increase in younger patients opting for cosmetic treatments sooner rather than later. But how soon is too soon, you might ask?

In Your 20s:

At Ritacca Cosmetic Surgery and MedSpa, we advise our patients to treat unsightly facial lines when they start sticking around. When lines show on your face when you smile or frown and appear to be becoming permanent, is when you could consider receiving BOTOX® injections.

For some, this may be in their mid-twenties, while for others, it’s after thirty. It’s rare for someone to request BOTOX® younger than the age of twenty-five, although there has been a shift in the age of women asking for BOTOX® compared to five years ago. Now more than ever, BOTOX® is a must for preparing for the big three-O to prevent lines from staying around.

In Your 30s:

Depending on the level of sun damage, muscle movement, and the emergence of crow’s feet or forehead lines, these factors play into deciding when to start using BOTOX®. So, if there was an intense frown, it may be appropriate to start as early as twenty. If not so much, thirty — at the latest thirty-five. Recent studies indicate that too much mobility in the muscles does lead to premature wrinkling.

In Your 40s

The most appropriate age for BOTOX® depends on skin type and tone, and level of sun exposure.  In general, Caucasian women do best when they start BOTOX® between thirty-five and forty. The correct age to start BOTOX® trends slightly higher for darker skin tones, more like forty of forty-five.

The age to start BOTOX® injections is irrelevant. Instead, it is more important to consider the severity of dynamic wrinkles. When these lines and wrinkles start to linger after expression movement has stopped — like seeing crow’s feet when you’re not smiling — that’s the best time to consider starting treatments.

Get Started

If you are beginning to notice facial lines linger after you stop smiling, laughing, or squinting your eyes, maybe it’s time to consider the most popular cosmetic treatment worldwide. BOTOX® is available at Ritacca Cosmetic Surgery and MedSpa in Chicago, where our clinician will perform this treatment with skill and artistry to create the most natural and long-lasting results.

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