The Ritacca Tattoo Removal Guarantee


The Ritacca Tattoo Removal Guarantee

Why Ritacca Cosmetic Surgery & Medspa for your laser tattoo removal needs?

  1. – We guarantee removal!*
  2. – Prices starting at $75 per treatment
  3. – Over 18 years of experience having performed over 15,000 treatments!
  4. – 5 Picosecond lasers with capability to treat 96% of colors
  5. – Quicker removal with fewer treatments (average 3-5 sessions)
  6. – Gentler approach resulting in minimal risk of scarring
  7. – Less pain
  8. – Surgical excision available

The Ritacca Guarantee

If you have a qualifying tattoo*, we guarantee to remove it in 6 treatments or less! If 6 months after treatment your tattoo is not gone, we will provide you with a package of 3 treatments for FREE. Ritacca Advantage members also receive a complimentary 7-day post care kit. Call us today to schedule a free consultation so you can finally rid yourself of that old ink! 847-367-8815.