Heather, Long Grove, IL

Susie was wonderful. She made me very comfortable and did a very thorough job with the laser.

Celena, Kenosha, Wisconsin

I have had 2 major procedures done and if I need any more this is the place that I will go. Nice staff, clean facility, knowledgeable doctors.

Theresa, Gurnee, Illinois

I’m so glad to have found your center. I will highly recommend you and will return for any needs I may have. Thank you again.

S.K., Kenosha, Wisconsin

I was very impressed with how knowledgeable the entire staff was. Not only with the procedure I was there for, but all of the ones I asked about. Everyone was very nice and put me at ease, which I did not expect. I was afraid to come in without makeup, but I was made comfortable and felt very happy by the time I left.

J.T., Orlando, Florida

Everybody at Ritacca was incredibly kind and made me feel completely at ease. I flew in from out-of-state, so I had some extra time before my appointment and before my ride arrived for going back to the airport. I was treated to complimentary hydrotherapy before my treatment. The staff also played a movie for me while I waited, and were generally such good hosts. I am definitely returning – all the way from Florida! Thank you!

Colleen, Round Lake, Illinois

“I absolutely love Ritacca!!! The staff is very skilled and professional as you’d expect but they are also very personable. You instantly become friends with the staff not just the next patient. I would highly recommend them to everybody.”

Patti, Scottsdale, Arizona

Hello from AZ!! Last night when I got back to work, my good friend took one look at me and said “whatever you did you look great!” Everyone did double takes when they looked at me and said that I look great. They went out of their way to tell me. It’s like they couldn’t understand what was different. Work acquaintances (men too) told me I look great. My closest girlfriends think I look astounding. I even got whistled at. Not bad for 51. Thank you!! Wow, I don’t think I ever knew how it felt to be pretty. It’s a great feeling. I can’t express how grateful I am to you. Thanks for helping me and being so gifted. You have so much talent and are a true artist. Thank you!