Chicago BOTOX® at Ritacca Cosmetic Surgery & Medspa

BOTOX® Overview

After years of domination in the cosmetic industry, BOTOX® has cemented its reputation as one of the safest and most effective anti-aging procedures in the world. Using an advanced formula, BOTOX® can significantly soften some of the most common signs of aging.

Over the years, repeated facial muscle movements eventually lead to the development of wrinkles in the parts of our faces that express emotion, aka “expression lines.” BOTOX® is a neuromodulator, meaning it can block nerve impulses, which relax the facial muscles that cause the development of crow’s feet, laugh lines, frown lines, and more, creating a more youthful and smoother appearance. BOTOX® can also work as a treatment for migraine headaches, excessive sweating, and eye and neck muscle spasms.

As an injectable, BOTOX® requires one quick treatment with results that can last for multiple months. Decades of use by millions of patients around the world and multiple clinical trials have shown that BOTOX® is safe and reliable for long-term, repeated use.

Ritacca Cosmetic Surgery & Medspa is a Black Diamond account with Allergan, the makers of BOTOX®. Practices earn this status after achieving the top 2% in the country in terms of volume. Dr. Kathleen Morno and Dawn Davidson, RN, are Allergan trainers who train other physicians on how to inject Allergan products such as BOTOX®Juvéderm®Juvéderm® Voluma, and Juvéderm® Volbella.

Your Consultation for Chicago BOTOX®

Your BOTOX® treatment requires skill and artistry to create the most natural, long-lasting results. That’s why your consultation at Ritacca Cosmetic Surgery & Medspa is so essential for planning the right treatment; during your consultation with our experienced patient coordinator, we will discuss your aesthetic goals, the risks and benefits of the procedure, your medical history, examine before-and-after photos, and answer any questions you might have about the procedure.

Your consultation will go a long way toward helping us plan the perfect BOTOX® treatment, so we can give you the rejuvenated look you’ve always wanted.

What Happens During a Chicago BOTOX® Treatment

Your BOTOX® procedure will be incredibly quick, simple, and relatively painless — the procedure takes less than a half an hour to complete and no anesthesia is necessary. Our practitioners usually inject BOTOX®  into areas like around the eyes, forehead, and mouth to specifically target expression areas.

Patients receive several small injections during a typical treatment. Your provider will carefully place each injection to maximize its effect and create the natural-looking results that characterize our practice. The average treatment takes less than 30 minutes, but if you’re receiving BOTOX® at the same time as a facial or microneedling treatment, plan for additional time.

Recovery After BOTOX® Cosmetic

Some patients may experience mild bruising at the injection sites, but in general, BOTOX® does not require any downtime or recovery period.

Common side effects after BOTOX® include redness, tenderness, bruising, and swelling. Most patients find these resolve within a few days. Minimal care is necessary after your treatment, and our team will provide detailed recovery instructions during your visit.

Am I a Good Candidate for BOTOX® in Chicago?

BOTOX® is one of the top cosmetic treatments in the U.S. Its exceptional safety record and versatility make this treatment an ideal option for men and women throughout the Chicago area.

You may be a good candidate for BOTOX® if you have expression lines and wrinkles and want to refresh your skin’s appearance.

Before-and-After Pictures of BOTOX® at Ritacca Cosmetic Surgery & Medspa

Ritacca Cosmetic Surgery & Medspa is proud to illustrate our exquisite BOTOX® results; remember, these are real patients with real results.

Frequently Asked Questions About Chicago BOTOX®


How do I find a top provider for BOTOX® near me?

We recommend choosing a highly experienced provider for your BOTOX® treatment. If you live in the Chicago area, Ritacca Cosmetic Surgery & Medspa is a top choice. We are one of the leading practices for BOTOX® injections in the U.S.

How much does BOTOX® cost in Chicago?

Your treatment cost will depend on the number of trouble spots we’re addressing and the amount of BOTOX® needed to achieve your desired results. We’ll provide a detailed estimate before your procedure. Since BOTOX® is non-surgical, this procedure is generally a more affordable option for rejuvenating when compared to options like a facelift or brow lift.

How long do BOTOX® results last?

Most of our patients enjoy their younger, refreshed look for three to six months before they need to return for a touch-up treatment.

What areas of the face does BOTOX® treat?

BOTOX® addresses expression lines and wrinkles like brow furrows and crow’s feet. We commonly use this medication to relax wrinkles on the brows and around the eye area.

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Stuff Your Stockings With These Great Skincare Products

For many people, opening up a stocking is one of the most enjoyable parts of Christmas. After all, who doesn’t love digging to the bottom of his or her stocking, pulling out a bunch of wonderful little surprises along the way?

As fun as stockings are to open, figuring out what to put in them can prove challenging. After all, if buying one gift for that person who has everything is hard, it’s going to be even harder to choose several small gifts for them. Fortunately, if you feel like you’re running out of stocking stuffer ideas, there’s one option that has virtually unlimited potential: Skincare products. Not only is there an incredible array of different products to choose from, the appeal of skincare products is nearly universal. Everyone wants more radiant, youthful-looking skin.

The 4 Best Skincare Stocking Stuffers for Both Men and Women

Need some help creating the perfect skincare shopping list? We’ve compiled a list of four of our personal skincare “must haves”:

  1. The perfect pigment correcting serum.

Pigment problems, like sun spots and areas of skin discoloration, typically accumulate with age. That’s why almost everyone needs a professional-grade pigment correcting serum like Lytera® 2.0 Pigment Correcting Serum. This serum, which can safely be used on all skin types and hues, has been specially formulated to correct even the most stubborn pigmentation issues. Better still, this serum has been designed to enhance the results of many popular dermatological skin resurfacing procedures, like chemical peels and laser skin resurfacing. It can even be used safely alongside some of the most commonly prescribed skincare products, e.g. hydroquinone.

Lytera is 100% fragrance-free and contains no harmful parabens, making it appropriate for use even on very sensitive skin. Lytera also does not bleach or lighten the skin in any way, so individuals with dark skin may use it without worry.

  1. An excellent anti-aging serum

Not all anti-aging creams are created equally. Many inexpensive drugstore creams contain ingredients that can actually dry out and irritate our skin. They’re also typically lacking in the kind of high-quality compounds that are needed to penetrate deeply into the skin and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.

When picking out an anti-aging serum, look for a brand that is rich in natural oils, vitamins (like vitamins E and C), and antioxidants. Just like antioxidants can repair damage done within our bodies, they can help to rejuvenate skin that’s been harmed by the sun, environmental toxins, etc. You should also be aware that serums which contain natural growth factors found in the human body (like Human Fibroblast Conditioned Media) are especially good at restoring the skin’s natural radiance and suppleness. That’s why we love TNS Essential Serum: Not only is it rich in antioxidants and human growth factors, it contains special Hyaluronic Filling Spheres that supply the skin with hyaluronic acid. This acid, which is used in many popular dermal fillers, both traps water (keeping the skin moist and hydrated) and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.

  1. Neocutis Lumiere eye cream

Even if you regularly moisturize your face, as you get older, you’ll probably find that the area around your eyes needs a little extra TLC… And you’re not alone. Most people struggle with puffiness, redness, and the appearance of fine lines around their eyes as they age. That’s why the Neocutis Lumiere eye cream is the perfect skincare stocking stuffer for virtually anyone over thirty: This nourishing eye serum contains caffeine, hyaluronic acid, and bisabolol—all crucial ingredients that can keep the area under the eyes plump and bright. It’s also specially formulated to treat the very delicate, sensitive skin around our eyes without causing any irritation.

  1. Skincare gift cards

As useful as at-home skincare products are, the simple fact of the matter is that they can’t do everything. Dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons have access to skincare technology that far exceeds the effectiveness of anything we consumers can purchase to use at home. Because dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons have the training and experience needed to use injectable treatments (like Juvéderm®, BOTOX®, Radiesse®, etc.), they can penetrate deep below the surface layer of the skin and correct the deeper structural issues that moisturizers and at-home exfoliation kits just can’t reach. Giving a friend or loved one a dermatology gift card therefore grants him or her access to a peerless rejuvenation experience.

If you would like more information on the ways cosmetic medicine can repair skin damage and reverse the visible signs of aging, feel free to contact us. In the meantime, happy gifting!

What Kind of Results Can You Expect from a Brow Lift?

Over the years, sunlight exposure and gravity can take their toll on your skin. You’re likely to notice the first signs of aging in your face, particularly in the eye and forehead areas. If you would like to refresh your appearance, consider a brow lift or another form of cosmetic surgery. Here’s a brief look at how a brow lift can make you look more energized and youthful:

girl woman

Reduction of Wrinkles and Furrows
A brow lift is ideal for those who would like to get rid of the deep, horizontal wrinkles across the forehead. If you’ve noticed furrows between your eyebrows, you might also consider this cosmetic surgery. A plastic surgeon can remove unsightly wrinkles by altering the muscle layer and removing excess skin in order to create a taut appearance.

Lifting of Eyebrows
During the procedure, the plastic surgeon removes excess skin, which also lifts the eyebrows. This eliminates forehead sagging that can make you look older than you really are. After having a brow lift, you can enjoy a vibrant, energized appearance.

Long-Lasting Results
The results of a brow lift are long-lasting. However, you’ll need to wait until you’ve fully healed to appreciate the results. After several weeks, you’ll notice the remarkable difference this cosmetic surgery can make in the appearance of your wrinkles and eyebrows. Additional, more subtle improvements will typically occur over the following few months. During that time, you can help maintain your new appearance with proper skin care. Minimize your exposure to sunlight to help prevent wrinkles, and eat a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids to maintain your skin’s elasticity.

If you’re considering a brow lift, schedule a consultation with a plastic surgeon at Ritacca Cosmetic Surgery & Medspa. Our state-of-the-art facility in Vernon Hills routinely performs endoscopic brow lifts. Contact us at (847) 737-1471 to learn more about this cosmetic procedure.