How to Make the Right Clothing Choices after Your Butt Lift Surgery

As any curvy woman will tell you, finding flattering clothes for a shapely body presents both challenges and opportunities. Butt augmentation can give you the full, round derriere that you’ve always wanted, but it may also completely change the way you dress, especially if you’re used to using clothes to make your butt look larger. During recovery from butt lift surgery, you’ll also need to modify the way you dress to ensure both your comfort and outstanding results. Here’s how to make the right clothing choices after having a butt lift:

What to Wear While Recovering from a Butt Lift

After you have a Brazilian butt lift, also known as a BBL, you’ll be wearing a compression garment to reduce swelling and protect the area while you heal. Most people have liposuction performed on their abdomen to provide fat for their buttock injections, so your garment will probably cover this area as well. To hide your compression garment (and disguise any postoperative swelling), you’ll probably want to wear loose tops and sweaters for several weeks after you have surgery. It is important to follow your post-operative care instructions carefully to minimize the risk of complications and swelling and give yourself the best possible results.

For at least two months following your butt lift, you’ll need to avoid wearing very tight pants, like fitted jeans or leggings. Wearing tight pants can damage the recently-placed fat cells, causing your body to excrete them rather than allowing them to establish and grow properly. Should this fat loss occur, it will make the results of your butt lift less noticeable.

Choosing Clothes After You’ve Recovered from Your Procedure

A shapely butt looks great in almost anything – that’s why butt lifts are so popular. Still, you’ll want to avoid wearing clothes that add too much bulk to your backside after having this procedure, especially if you’re smaller on top. Pants that have large or numerous pockets, for example, can obscure the shape of your butt and legs. We generally recommend choosing pants that have no pockets (or ones that have very slim-fitting pockets). You should also try wearing seamless underwear underneath tight pants, dresses, and skirts to keep your silhouette smooth.

To make the most of your new figure, look for clothes that hug your body and highlight your waist. Pencil skirts, midi skirts, bodycon dresses, high-waisted pants, and crop tops are all great choices for most women post-BBL. Not only will these styles accentuate your enhanced derriere, but if you’ve had fat removed from your abdomen or hips as part of your procedure, they’ll also show off your trim tummy. 

Loose clothing with visible folds and creases can take attention away from your best assets. You might therefore consider getting your new clothes altered at a tailor for a precise fit (once your postoperative swelling has completely subsided) that best flatters your new figure.

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The hourglass figure, like the little black dress, is a classic. If you’re ready to achieve more balanced proportions with butt lift surgery, our team can help you take the next step. Contact us today to arrange your one-on-one consultation.

Myths and Facts about Gluteal Implants (Butt Lift Procedures)

Have you ever wanted more junk in your trunk, so to speak? Or maybe every time you look in the mirror you wish your backside just had a little more lift to it. Everyone knows that age causes our bodies to sag but gluteal implants can help reverse the impact that passing time has on your rear. Let’s address some of the myths around this type of elective surgery so you can get the straight story before going under the knife.

There are two types of surgery you can undergo to make your body look better. It is likely you have heard of one or the other. However, because there are two options for you to choose from, you can select the one that best suits your health and desires.

The type of gluteal implant that is most common is often referred to as Brazilian butt lift. Despite the name, don’t be fooled into thinking there is anything culturally or traditionally Brazilian about it. The more technical term for this procedure is fat grafting, a title that also correctly describes the procedure. The first step is to remove fat via liposuction, a simple undergoing that is usually used to help people lose weight. In this case the fat extracted is saved so it can be added to your butt to give it better size and shape.

One thing to keep in mind is that the process isn’t as simple and clumsy as moving fat from one place to the other. The fat extracted from your body is processed and purified before being added to your backside. This helps the added fat look more natural and less lumpy once it is put into your body again.

Another myth you may have heard about getting a butt lift is that anyone can do it. Because of the nature of this process, it is only possible for women who have a certain amount of spare body fat. Of course, most women can name one part of their body that they think could be skinnier, but this doesn’t mean it will serve as a successful fat grafting spot. The fat used in a butt lift is usually extracted from either the abdomen area or the butt itself.

You can also improve both the size and the shape of your backside with a surgical procedure not unlike the ones to implement breast implants. The surgeon will insert an implant specifically made for the procedure through an incision near your tail bone. The aim is to place the implant directly under the gluteus maximus muscle to give your butt the bigger, higher or firmer appearance you desire.