Shockwave Therapy for ED

Shockwave Therapy for ED in Vernon Hills, IL – Ritacca Cosmetic Surgery and Medspa

Erectile dysfunction (ED) can be an embarrassing and frustrating condition to experience, and it’s probably a lot more common than you think. Most sources estimate nearly half of all men ages 40-70 will experience some type of erectile dysfunction. Dr. Daniel Ritacca, Co-owner of Ritacca Cosmetic Surgery & Medspa, strongly believes diet, exercise, obtaining and maintaining a healthy weight and getting enough sleep can greatly effect ED.  A new form of Shockwave therapy is helping men with ED reclaim their sexual relationships and treat the condition non-invasively without drugs or surgery.

Upon complimentary consultation at our center with Dr. Ritacca, we personalize each experience by using the SHIM test, acquiring testosterone levels and learning more about potential medications and contraindication possibilities.

Every man wants to be their partner’s best lover, but struggling to get or maintain strong erections can put a serious damper on your ability to achieve that distinction. If you’ve tried other ED treatments without success or can’t use pills or surgery for any reason, learn more about how Shockwave therapy can treat erectile dysfunction and boost sexual performance by optimizing blood flow.

Erectile dysfunction treatment with Shockwave therapy begins with a thorough consultation at Ritacca Cosmetic Surgery and Medspa in Vernon Hills, IL. If you have questions about Shockwave therapy for ED, please contact us through our website or call our practice to request a consultation at (847) 367-8815.

How Does Shockwave Therapy Treat ED Without Drugs or Surgery?

Referred to by researchers as low intensity extracorporeal Shockwave therapy, or Li-ESWT, Shockwave therapy for ED comes from a technology that has been used for decades to treat conditions such as kidney stones and joint inflammation. Like traditional Shockwave therapy, Shockwave therapy uses energy generated by acoustic waves and focuses them to treat erectile dysfunction. Unlike many ED drug treatments, Shockwave therapy treats erectile dysfunction at its root cause by increasing and optimizing blood flow to your penis, and there are no risks of negative interactions with your other medications.

Shockwave therapy works by kickstarting a natural process your body does called neovascularization. During neovascularization, which is triggered by Shockwave therapy’s high frequency soundwaves, micro plaque is broken up and removed from existing blood vessels while also stimulating the growth of new, healthy blood vessels. In addition to treating ED, Shockwave therapy is also an effective treatment for Peyronie’s Disease and can be used to boost your sexual performance even if you don’t have ED. Shockwave therapy has more than 30 clinical studies backing its safety and results, with a successful ED treatment rate of more than 75%.

What Is a Shockwave Therapy Treatment Plan Like?

Shockwave therapy can be customized to each patient’s specific needs. For ED, we typically build a Shockwave therapy treatment plan of 6 to 12 appointment, with each appointment after your consultation lasting only about 20 minutes.

Shockwave therapy is a comfortable, non-invasive treatment. Before your appointment, you’ll apply a topical numbing cream to minimize any discomfort from the acoustic soundwaves. When the anesthetic cream gets to work, we’ll use Shockwave therapy’s small, handheld wand to painlessly deliver sound energy to precisely targeted areas. Most patients report experiencing only small vibrations or a minor tingling in the treatment area throughout the appointment. There’s no mandatory downtime after appointments like you might experience with a more invasive surgery.

What Other Conditions Can Be Treated with Shockwave Therapy?

In addition to being an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction, Shockwave therapy is also a popular treatment for Peyronie’s Disease and is being used by younger men who aren’t experiencing ED to enhance their sexual performance.

  • Treating Peyronie’s Disease with Shockwave therapy: According to the Association of Peyronie’s Disease Advocates, nearly 1 in 11 men suffers from Peyronie’s Disease. It’s a condition that can affect men at any age and occurs when scar tissue forms below the surface of the skin on your penis. It can be painful, embarrassing, and it can lead to problems with sexual performance. Shockwave therapy can target the site of the condition and break down scar tissue and increase blood flow to the penis. Low intensity extracorporeal Shockwave therapy has been used to treat Peyronie’s Disease since the 1980s.
  • Increasing Sexual Performance with Shockwave therapy: At Ritacca Cosmetic Surgery & Medspa, we’ve noticed a trend of men in their 20s and 30s asking about Shockwave therapy not for treating erectile dysfunction, but rather for boosting their sexual performance. Rather than exposing themselves to the risks of using drugs like Viagra recreationally, instead they’re choosing the safety of Shockwave therapy and the huge benefits of neovascularization. Improving the blood flow to your penis with Shockwave therapy even if you don’t have ED can be a great libido booster and sexual performance enhancer.

How Much Does Shockwave Therapy for ED Cost?

Treating erectile dysfunction can be tricky, and each patient will be different when it comes to blood flow and the obstacles keeping blood from getting to the right places. As a result, there’s no one-size-fits all answer to how much Shockwave therapy may cost. However, most estimates suggest the average price for a complete Shockwave therapy treatment plan to be about $3000.

Shockwave therapy is rarely covered by health insurance plans, but please contact us if you have questions about payment options.

Want to Know More about Treating ED with Shockwave Therapy? Ready for a Consultation?

If you have questions about erectile dysfunction or want to know more about how we treat it at Ritacca Cosmetic Surgery & Medspa with Shockwave therapy, we have several great patient educational resources to help you learn more. Patient education is a key part of the way we help our patients reclaim control of their intimate lives with Shockwave therapy.

Please contact us and send us a message at your convenience through our website. If you’d like to request a Shockwave therapy consultation with our team of expert providers, please call our practice in Vernon Hills, IL at (847) 367-8815.