Planning Your Tummy Tuck Surgery

Who doesn’t want a tighter, firmer midsection? Very few people, even those who diet and exercise regularly, stand in awe of their reflection when they check out their abs in the mirror. Thankfully, plastic surgeons have a procedure called abdominoplasty, or the tummy tuck, to help people who have exhausted their efforts trying to get the perfect stomach through diet and exercise alone. Sometimes, hurdles like age, genetics, and your gender are too much to get over all by yourself.

Everyone wants the best results for their tummy tuck, and that begins with planning. First, you’ll need to have a consultation, because you’ll want a plastic surgeon to weigh in on factors that will affect the amount of time you’ll want to prepare before surgery and how you’ll best recover.

In this post, we’ll share our top tips for planning out your tummy tuck surgery – from the consultation to the recovery.

Four to Six Months Before Your Tummy Tuck

Most surgeons recommend thinking through details of your tummy tuck at least six months in advance. This waiting period will give you time to have several surgical consultations so you can land on the right doctor for you. It will also give you a little time to get closer to your target weight if you need to lose some body fat before surgery. If you use tobacco products, it would be best to quit smoking or chewing during this timeframe.

Four Months Before Your Tummy Tuck

During this time, you’ll want to make sure you’ve established a balanced, nutritious diet and consistent exercise habits. Boosting your physical health several months from your surgery and maintaining that trend will significantly help your recovery and results when it’s showtime. Around this time, you’ll also ideally start booking your procedure with the surgeon of your choice.

One to Three Months Before Your Tummy Tuck

At this phase, you’ll want to get all your help around the house—feeding animals, immediate care following the procedure, help with child care and cleaning—coordinated and supplies for recovery gathered. Don’t wait until the last minute to rush around pulling it all together. Remember, stress can negatively impact your immune system and healing abilities. Think about what you’re going to eat, and try to get some meal prep and planning taken care of before you go in for surgery. It will make cooking and eating feel like much less of a chore when you get home.

After Your Tummy Tuck Surgery

You’ll wear a garment around your abdomen for about six weeks after your surgery. You might also have drains left in place to remove excess fluid for a few days. You’ll likely have prescription pain medication to help control residual pain and swelling. You may also need to take an antibiotic and a blood thinner for short-term use immediately following your surgery.

You’ll want to take it easy for at least six weeks after your tummy tuck. Your doctor will schedule some regular checkups to make sure your mobility and scarring are progressing appropriately.

Want to Know More About Tummy Tuck Surgery?

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