What is Melasma?

Melasma, also known as “The Mask of Pregnancy”, is a common skin condition characterized by distinct, dark brown patches on the face and sometimes body. The cheeks, bridge of nose, forehead, chin, and upper lip are places where melasma is most likely to form. This condition is believed to be brought on by the stimulation of melanocytes, or pigment-producing cells. Hormones like estrogen and progesterone produce more melanin during pregnancy and when the skin is exposed to excessive sunlight.

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Melanage Skin Lightening System

The Melanage Skin Lightening System is a superficial chemical peel designed to improve the texture and appearance of hyperpigmented skin. It consists of a comprehensive regimen that starts with a cream mask, applied in-office, as well as an easy to follow at-home regimen. There is no pain involved and only minimal discomfort.

Who is a good candidate?

Anyone desiring a more even, radiant complexion can use the Melanage peel. The Skin Lightening System will lift sun damage, dyschromia, and hyperpigmentation, but It is especially effective for darker skin types and patients who suffer from melasma, who may not be a candidate for traditional laser treatments.

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