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Though muscles make up about 35% of the human body, most aesthetic treatments only focus on fat reduction and do not address the building of muscle. However, EMSCULPT®, the FDA-cleared non-surgical, no pain, non-invasive, body contouring treatment by BTL Industries hit the scene in 2018 looking to change all of that.

This treatment addresses muscle tone and fat deposits and fully supports your dedication to an active and healthy lifestyle. It does this by helping you target and further define those particularly stubborn areas of your body by shedding fat and sculpting your body with zero downtime. Using an electromagnetic procedure, it eliminates fats cells and tightens muscles in the hard to reach areas of your abdomen and buttocks.

By emitting electromagnetic pulses that force your muscles to contract about 20,000 times in just 30 minutes, EMSCULPT® uses game-changing technology that simultaneously builds and strengthens your muscle fibers and burns fat.

Are you ready to embrace a body that has more lean muscle, less fat, and would you like to be able to look forward to a better quality of life? Learn more about the EMSCULPT® treatment offered by Ritacca Cosmetic Surgery and Medspa, in Vernon Hills, IL, by contacting them online.


What is EMSCULPT®?

EMSCULPT® is a first-of-its-kind device used to build muscle and burn body fat. Its manufacturer, BTL Industries, conducted a multitude of clinical peer-reviewed studies to demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of the technology. These EMSCULPT® treatment studies included tissue biopsies, MRIs, ultrasounds, and CT imaging studies. All of these studies demonstrated decreased fat, increased muscle growth (muscle hypertrophy), and muscle fibers (muscle hyperplasia). The company holds numerous patents to the cutting-edge High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM®) technology and its ability to deliver superior contouring results not offered by existing non-invasive body shaping therapies.

How Does EMSCULPT® Work?

EMSCULPT® deploys an electromagnetic field that impacts muscle and fat by penetrating the skin to provide almost 20,000 muscular contractions in a single 30-minute session. The energy provided induces supramaximal muscle contractions, and these result in the rapid metabolic reaction to not only reduce fat but also strengthen and build muscle. This unique technology simultaneously builds muscle and burns fat, all while leaving the surrounding tissues unaffected.

What Are the Benefits of EMSCULPT®?

  • FDA-cleared & scientifically proven
  • Tones/strengthens the muscles
  • Non-surgical, non-invasive and with no pain
  • Reduces fat reserves
  • Chisels abdominal muscles
  • Firms and tones the buttocks
  • Fast, 30-minute treatment
  • Results that look natural and last months

What Results are Typical Following EMSCULPT®?

You can expect to see a toned, leaner area with notably less fat after your EMSCULPT® treatments. Studies show a fifteen to twenty percent growth in muscle mass and significant fat reduction in the target areas after treatment.

As a result of your EMSCULPT® treatment, you can expect a sixteen percent muscle hypertrophy (growth and increase in size) and a nineteen percent reduction in fat in the treatment areas of the abdomen or buttocks.

The best results are typically noticed three months post-treatment, and you should experience continued improvement for up to 12 months later.

How Many EMSCULPT® Treatments Will I Need?

EMSCULPT® recommends that, for optimal results, you have four 30-minute sessions over two weeks. The best results typically are seen three months post-treatment, and you should experience continued visible improvement for up to 12 months later.

You might want to schedule a treatment every three to six months for maintenance, as this is often recommended to maintain results. Of course, our team will provide the exact details of your individualized treatment regime.

How Long Do EMSCULPT® Treatments Take?

Each EMSCULPT® session requires a 30-minute treatment for each area of the body. Even the buttocks, or other bilateral areas, only take 30 mins as we have two applicators.

How Long Do EMSCULPT® Results Last?

How long the results of a course of EMSCULPT® treatments lasts depends mainly on how healthy your lifestyle is. While some people undergo EMSCULPT® and then can maintain their newly toned body afterward by eating healthily and exercising regularly, other patients might plan on returning for more maintenance treatments.

Depending on the desired results, maintenance treatments can range from once a year to once a month, with progress being noticed immediately and progressively more over the months that follow.

What Areas of My Body Can Be Treated with EMSCULPT®?

While EMSCULPT® is FDA-cleared for the abdomen and buttocks, other areas of the body may benefit from improved muscle tone and increased fat metabolism:

  • Abdomen (rectus abdominis, transverse abdominis, and obliques)
  • Buttocks (all gluteal muscles)
  • Triceps (upper arms)
  • Biceps (front of arms)
  • Thighs (quadriceps)
  • Hamstrings (back of legs)

What Are the Potential Side-Effects of EMSCULPT®?

You can expect some minor muscle soreness after treatment, and it may even feel as if you have just completed a strenuous workout. The EMSCULPT® contractions may help clear lactic acid buildup in your muscles, and this should reduce muscle soreness caused by the numerous muscle contractions.

No downtime is required after the treatment, and you will be able to resume your normal activities immediately.

Am I a Good Candidate for EMSCULPT®?

If you are generally in good shape and simply would like more definition of your abdominals (abs) or for your buttocks to be tighter and show some lift, you are probably an ideal candidate for an EMSCULPT® series of treatments.

EMSCULPT® is well-suited for candidates who are already physically active and follow a healthy diet and lifestyle. It may also be a good option for patients recovering from a sports injury because it’s an effective way to strengthen muscle groups weakened by an injury.

Candidates who are not good candidates for EMSCULPT® include those with metal or electronic devices such as a pacemaker implanted anywhere in their body, or patients with a history of muscle issues, including hernias.

Should you have any questions regarding your candidacy, consult with our team.

Why Choose Ritacca Cosmetic Surgery and Medspa for EMSCULPT® Treatment in Vernon Hills?

Ritacca Cosmetic Surgery and Medspa is among the first to offer EMSCULPT® to patients in Vernon Hills, IL. They have the expertise and knowledge and deliver the best results by deploying EMSCULPT® technology.

If you are looking for EMSCULPT® experts in the Vernon Hills, IL, area who are skilled in non-invasive, non-surgical fat removal and muscle toning, call the Ritacca Cosmetic Surgery and Medspa at (847) 367-8815 to schedule your appointment.

They’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have about the treatment!


Am I a good candidate?

Anyone can benefit from the procedure. Best, ask your provider for more details.

What is the treatment time?

Each 30-minute treatment, with a minimum of four sessions, is scheduled two to three days apart.

What does the treatment feel like?

The EMSCULPT® procedure feels like a fairly intensive workout.

Is there any downtime or pre/post treatment preparation?

The treatment is non-invasive and requires no recovery time. No pre/post-treatment preparation is needed either.

How fast will I see results?

You will begin to experience results immediately after your treatment. More noticeable results are usually reported two to four weeks after the last session. Improvements can be seen for several weeks following the treatments.

How much fat will I shed with a series of treatments?

You can potentially see an average of a 20% reduction in fat and a 1.5-inch average loss in waistline measurements after having a series of four treatments.

How much muscle mass will I gain with a series of treatments?

Patients can gain up to 16% muscle mass after a series of four treatments.

How should I prepare for a treatment?

No preparation is required. It will be best to empty your bladder and avoid a full meal immediately before treatment.

How long is each treatment session, and how many treatments can I expect?

Each session lasts 30 minutes. We recommend that you plan for a total of four treatments with twice-weekly treatments for two weeks.

What should I expect immediately after a treatment?

The area treated may be mildly tender, similar to an intensive strength training workout.

Is there any downtime following treatment?

No. You should be able to resume your normal activities after treatment immediately.

How long does it take to experience results?

You might notice increased muscle tone in your abdominals the day following your treatment. Some patients have experienced a roughly 16% increase in muscle mass and a 20% reduction in fat two months after the fourth treatment.

Does EMSCULPT® help with diastasis recti (abdominal muscle separation following pregnancy)?

Clinical studies have shown an 11% reduction in diastasis recti following four treatments. EMSCULPT ® is the first non-surgical means of improving this separation of the abdominal muscles.

Who is a poor candidate for EMSCULPT®, and are there contraindications?

While some general advice on this subject is suggested above, it is always best to check with your doctor.

Is EMSCULPT® safe, and are there any side effects from the treatment?

Yes, it is safe. The focused electromagnetic energy from the technology is considered safe. The mild soreness similar to that following a muscle workout is an expected side effect from the treatment.

Are the fat loss and the increased muscle mass permanent following treatment?

The fat cells destroyed by increasing fat metabolism with this technology is permanent. However, weight gain after treatment will cause remaining fat cells to grow, leading to a possible loss of the effect of the procedure.

Muscle mass gain is not permanent, though patients can see results for up to 12 months without any maintenance of their own. Periodic treatments can also maintain muscle tone.

What happens if I gain weight following treatment?

A healthy lifestyle, which includes a sensible diet and exercise regime, is encouraged following your series of treatments. Any increase in weight will allow fat stores to accumulate, and this may occur disproportionately in untreated areas.