Jump Start Your Fitness Journey with Liposuction

All too often, liposuction is unfairly stereotyped as being the procedure people turn to when they don’t want to diet or exercise. It may therefore surprise you to learn that liposuction has never been used for this purpose; in fact, it’s not possible to surgically remove more than about ten pounds of fat at a time. Instead, liposuction is frequently employed to help people who are already a healthy weight sculpt their bodies. Having liposuction can “jump start” your fitness efforts in several different ways. Here’s what you need to know:

3 Ways Liposuction Can Help You Get (and Stay) Fit

1. The motivation factor.

If you’ve ever been trapped in a cycle of yo-yo dieting (and/or exercising), then you’re probably already familiar with the following problem: You work hard for weeks or even months, restricting calories and sticking to your fitness plan, only to discover that it’s impossible to “spot reduce” fat. Sure, you might lose weight overall, but if you’re like most people over the age of 30, you’re left with a distinct belly bulge that won’t budge—no matter what you do. This situation isn’t your fault; as we get older, our bodies “centralize” their fat stores. That is to say, fat that used to be evenly distributed over your arms, legs, hips, and face, will progressively gather around your midsection instead. The result of this process is a deposit of stubborn fat around your stomach that makes you look heavier than you are and prevents you from developing visible abs. There is no nonsurgical way to get rid of this fat that doesn’t involve extreme dieting or over-exercising—two solutions that are neither healthy nor sustainable.

When confronted with this reality, many people (understandably) feel deflated. They think that no matter how hard they work, they’ll never have the body they want. Furthermore, because our brains are hardwired to respond to reward, when we don’t experience profound visible rewards after dieting and exercising, we lose the motivation to keep trying. Our brains also start to “default” back to craving familiar sources of reward, like comfort foods. This leads to weight gain, and soon enough, we need to begin the cycle all over again.

Liposuction has the power to short-circuit this process. By getting rid of the stubborn fat (usually abdominal fat, but liposuction can be used virtually anywhere) that’s left over once you reach a healthy weight, this procedure can reveal your toned muscles and give you the flat stomach you’ve been working so hard to achieve. Once this has been accomplished and you can see the rewards of all your hard work, you’ll be inspired to keep them. In other words, you’ll naturally want to keep working out and eating healthily because you won’t want to sabotage your new physique.

2. Liposuction can remove emotional barriers that hold you back from exercising.

We’ve been inundated with images of what “fit” people are supposed to look like: Completely sleek, fabulously toned, and overall rock-hard. As such, when we slip into tight exercise gear and discover that it reveals every lump and bulge we have, our confidence tends to evaporate. We feel like we “look” out of shape, even if we’re actually very fit.

For most people, this feeling leads to a great deal of self-consciousness. It prevents them from wanting to work out anywhere other people are present, especially other people who already look flawlessly fit. Alas, unless you live out in the middle of nowhere, your only viable exercise areas are probably public parks and gyms.

Having liposuction can take care of those unsightly lumps and bumps and give you the confidence you need to hit the trail or the track, without worrying about anything jiggling. Additionally, once you get the perfect body, you’re going to want to show it off.

3. Liposuction may improve your health.

Research has shown that removing abdominal fat is associated with several positive health outcomes. It lowers levels of blood triglycerides, increases your energy levels, and improves your cardiovascular health. All these benefits hold true even if you lose the last bit of your belly fat via surgery rather than exercise. This is the case because it’s the metabolic and hormonal effects of belly fat itself that negatively impact our health, not just being “out of shape.” And of course, the healthier and more energetic you are, the easier it’s going to be to exercise regularly.

Liposuction isn’t a replacement for diet and exercise, but it is the perfect companion to any healthy fitness plan. Don’t let stigma about this procedure hold you back; when approached correctly, it can be good for your mind, body, and spirit.