How Young Is Too Young For Rhinoplasty?

Cosmetic surgery is only growing more popular as surgical techniques and technology advance. The popularity of social media platforms like Instagram, filled with people showing off aesthetic changes, opens up trends to younger segments of the population. 

A rhinoplasty, or nose job, is the most common plastic surgery performed among teenagers. The teen years are a favorite time for the procedure since abnormalities on the nose usually arise during the early teenage years – while the nose usually stops growing between the ages of 14-17. 

Physical appearance is a vital aspect of self-image for many teenagers, but some question if teenagers have the emotional maturity to handle cosmetic surgery. Others worry adjusting the nose could lead to a face that later appears abnormal as a young person continues to grow and experience changes to their body. 

There are no one-size-fits-all answers for an age that is too young for a rhinoplasty. Keep reading to get an understanding of discussion considerations before deciding on the procedure. 

Consider The Physical Development Of The Person

Rhinoplasty should only be carried out on a nose that has finished growing. One performed while growth is occurring might open up the need for a revision down the road to re-balance the nose to present a natural look. 

Nasal bone growth usually stops after puberty, which often comes around one to two years after menstruation for girls. Since every girl starts menstruating at a different age, the decision for rhinoplasty should only occur once a surgeon examines a girl’s (or boy’s nose) to see if they have stopped growing.   

Emotional Preparation Is Essential Before A Rhinoplasty 

Even if a teenager’s nose has stopped growing, it does not mean they are the right candidate for a rhinoplasty.

It is essential to carefully consider if a young person desires a rhinoplasty to correct a legitimate abnormality to the nose, or if they are feeling peer pressure that cultivates a desire for a nose job.

An impulsive rhinoplasty will not be effective and could lead to complications down the road. Teenagers who express interest in rhinoplasty should be prepared and mature enough to understand what the procedure can achieve. 

The results of a rhinoplasty last a lifetime unless there is a revision rhinoplasty down the road. Other facial rejuvenation surgeries that address the signs of aging usually need follow-up treatment to maintain results. 

For a nose job, alternations to structure and appearance will be permanent. Young patients and their parents need to be prepared for their new nose to stay the same for life, even as other areas of the face start to age and change in appearance.  

Rhinoplasty will not lead to a completely transformed body, but it can help cultivate a sense of greater self-confidence to help teenagers naturally engage with friends and family. 

The question of emotional maturity varies for each teenager and is a point that should be brought up with a surgeon when deciding about the proper time. 

Can Post-Surgical Instructions Be Followed?

While rhinoplasty is a relatively non-invasive form of cosmetic surgery, it does come with a recovery period. Most surgeons ask for six to eight weeks of abstention from contact sports after a rhinoplasty. The recovery process can be a significant lifestyle change to a teenager who is active with friends. 

Swelling, bruising, and other discomforts also accompany rhinoplasties. Patients need to be prepared to manage their pain and carefully follow instructions from the surgeon to minimize swelling. Some teenagers, no matter their age, might not be ready to take care of their nose or temporarily adopt a more sedentary lifestyle after a rhinoplasty. 

Help With Finding The ‘Perfect Age’ For A Rhinoplasty 

Rhinoplasty is not a magic solution for younger patients, but it can help address breathing problems and other aesthetic issues safely and effectively. The decision-making process between a teenager, their parents, and a cosmetic surgeon are important to hash out during discussions about a rhinoplasty. 

During a free consultation at Ritacca Cosmetic Surgery & Medspa, our team corresponds closely with parents to decide an appropriate age for rhinoplasty based on emotional and physical maturity. We take special care when speaking with teenagers so they can safely articulate their feelings about a rhinoplasty. 

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