Easy Skincare Routine for Moms Constantly on the Go

Being a mom is a full-time, full-on job.

And as a mom keeping your house in order, making sure your kids are well-behaved and presentable, and maintaining your social life, finding time for self-care can be tricky.

At Ritacca Cosmetic Surgery & Medspa in Vernon Hills, Illinois, we understand this. That’s why we want to help you look stunning, without taking time away from your family.

With this easy-to-follow skincare routine for busy moms, you’ll be looking your best and taking care of your family like the superwoman you are.

An All-Encompassing Skincare Routine

A skincare regimen doesn’t need to be overly complicated to keep your skin healthy and looking good. It only requires four components:

  • Protection
  • Cleansing
  • Exfoliating
  • Hydration

1. Protect

Sun protection is a vital element of any skincare regimen.

Sun damage is responsible for uneven skin tone, sun spots, age spots, and premature wrinkling, along with other nastier skin problems, such as melanomas and skin cancers.

If you only do one thing to take care of your skin daily, it should be to apply sunscreen every time you head outside. Focus on any area of the body that get lots of sun exposure, and your skin will look smooth and fresh for years longer compared to others who fail to protect their skin.

2. Hydrate

Dry, dehydrated skin looks older than it is and has more wrinkles than it should.

Take years off your skin’s appearance by applying a hydrating moisture after your morning shower and before you go to bed. Doing so will lock in moisture to your skin and create that subtle, elastic smoothness every mom wants.

3. Clean

Our skin secretes oils to protect itself and as part of the natural sweating process. If you don’t wash your face, these oils will accumulate and also attract dust and other particles, which can clog pores.

These natural oils are essential to skin health, but can also build up and collect toxins, leading to an oily complexion and clogged pores. Any skincare routine needs to involve washing your face twice daily using warm water and a gentle cleanser.

Washing your face when you brush your teeth makes it habitual, and it will take less than a minute each time.

4. Exfoliate

Skin cells die faster than any other cell in the body, which is why it is crucial to remove the outer layer of skin cells semi-regularly. This process brings the young, supple cells to the surface.

A gentle exfoliating scrub applied twice per week is ideal for keeping your skin looking young and vibrant.

Skincare in Vernon Hills, Illinois

A skincare routine for busy moms isn’t that tricky – it’s about consistency and making things habitual. You need to remember these fundamental principles:

  • Cleanse and hydrate twice a day
  • Reveal young skin cells by exfoliating twice a week
  • Protect exposed skin with sunscreen

By following these three basic concepts, you’ll have a five-minute-per-day skincare routine that fits your busy lifestyle and will keep you looking fantastic.

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