Non-Surgical Kybella® for Double Chin Reduction: Does it Really Work?

Kybella® is an aesthetic treatment from Allergan, the makers of BOTOX® and Juvéderm® indicated for treating submental fat also known as the double chin without surgery. Kybella® for double chin reduction has been featured all over the media and even had Khloe Kardashian as a spokesperson for their live chin up campaign. The idea of having stubborn double chin fat reduced for good with just a few injections sounds too good to be true so does it really work? What is the downtime? Will it cause loose skin? Can Kybella® be used on other areas of the body to reduce fat? Here is the skinny on Kybella®, the treatment taking the aesthetic market by storm. 

What exactly is Kybella® for Double Chin Reduction and does it work?

Kybella® is an FDA-approved injectable drug that is identical to deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring molecule in the body that aids in the breakdown of dietary fat. Once injected into the fat underneath the chin, Kybella® destroys fat cells for good. Kybella® is administered in a series of small injections as an outpatient treatment that takes only about 15 minutes. Often a series of 2-4 treatments are performed for the desired result. Treatments are spaced 6 weeks apart. There have been over 20 clinical trials on Kybella® showing its efficacy. It has been clinically shown to reduce submental fat and improve jawline contour. Kybella® also has a positive 85% rating on RealSelf, which is a website dedicated to physician and patient questions, answers and reviews.

kybella for double chin reduction

Will Kybella® cause loose skin?

During clinical trials, Kybella® has been shown to not only reduce fat and improve contour but also tighten the skin. While it is not an alternative to liposuction or a surgical neck or facelift, it has been shown to improve skin elasticity for those with mild to moderate laxity accompanied with submental fat. Having skin tightening as one of the side effects of Kybella® is a major perk – yes, please!

What is the downtime?

The most common downtime associated with Kybella® is a possible bruise or more commonly swelling at the injection site. Swelling typically subsides within about one week after treatment. While there is still downtime associated with Kybella®, it is minimal compared to surgery which may require longer downtime or discomfort.


Can Kybella® be used on other areas of the body?

In short, yes Kybella® has been used off-label to treat other areas of unwanted fat on the body. It is important to have an experienced Kybella® provider discuss the risks and benefits of using Kybella® off-label. There are a variety of other fat reduction treatments for the body available such as the popular Coolsculpting treatment that freezes off fat non-invasively as well as surgical liposuction that may be more effective depending on individual goals and candidacy.

Try Kybella® for Double Chin Reduction in North Chicago

A study performed by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery last year reported that 68% of people were concerned with the extra chin or neck fat. Kybella® is a clinically proven method of reducing unwanted fat and improving contour. If you would like to learn more about Kybella® for double chin reduction, contact us for a complimentary consultation.

The Best Solutions for a Turkey Neck

There are many factors that can cause unwanted submental fat also known as the double chin as well as loose skin commonly referred to as a turkey neck. Weight gain, weight loss, genetics and the aging process can all play a role in submental fat and loose skin. Often diet and exercise alone are not enough, but the good news is that are a variety or surgical and non surgical treatments available to contour the lower face, reduce fat as well as tighten the skin. Say goodbye to your double chin or turkey neck with these solutions!

Turkey Neck Treatments near Chicago at Ritacca Cosmetic Surgery and Medspa in Vernon Hills

CoolMini by CoolSculpting for a Double Chin

turkey neck double chin treatment

Coolsculpting is a non-invasive fat reduction treatment that uses the clinically proven method cryolipolysis. An applicator specially designed for the submental area called the Coolmini is applied under the chin. During the 45 minute treatment, the fat cells painlessly freeze and shatter to be naturally filtered out by the lymphatic system. A single treatment can eliminate up to 25% of the fat cells in the area treated. Often a series of 2 or more treatments is recommended for ideal results. There is no downtime with Coolsculpting and one can return to their normal activities immediately. It is possible to experience bruising or swelling to the area after treatment, but it often resolves within a few days. Some may see results from the treatment as early as 4 weeks but it can take 12-16 weeks to see optimal results. Coolsculpting can be an excellent option for those looking to treat submental fat with no downtime.

Kybella® for Double Chin

kybella double chin reduction for turkey neck

Kybella® is an FDA-approved injectable drug that contours and improves the appearance of submental fullness. Kybella® is a substance identical to deoxycholic acid naturally produced in the body that will absorb fat in the double chin for good. Kybella® is often performed in a series of 2 to 4 treatments spaced 6 weeks apart. During the treatment, Kybella® is injected with a very small needle similar to a BOTOX® treatment and the procedure usually only takes about 15 minutes. Kybella® not only reduces submental fat but has been shown to help retract loose skin. It is possible to experience bruising or swelling to the area, but it often resolves within one week. Kybella® can be an excellent treatment option for those looking to contour their profile and reduce submental fat while also improving mild laxity.

Ultherapy for Turkey Neck

ultherapy turkey neck solution

Ultherapy uses advanced ultrasound technology with precise imaging to tighten and lift the skin. This is a unique non-invasive skin tightening treatment as it is the only non-surgical tissue tightening device that treats at a level as deep as a facelift, the muscle. It also bypasses the outer layer of the skin delivering the energy exactly and precisely where to stimulate the body’s own regenerative response. The treatment takes approximately 45-90 minutes. It is possible to experience swelling, but it often resolves within one week. Some may notice results immediately although collagen will continue to stimulate and improvements will continue over the next 6 months with optimal results at that time. Ultherapy can be an excellent treatment for those concerned with skin laxity and who are not ready for a facelift or for those that would like to extend their surgical results.

Surgical Options for Turkey Neck

turkey neck lift chicago

Signs of aging such as wrinkles and sagging skin can be counteracted through a neck lift or face lift, which tightens the muscle, removes excess fat and skin and gives the face a younger, fresher look. It is not uncommon for patients to look 10 or 15 years younger following a neck or facelift procedure. Liposuction is also a very popular procedure that gives your body a sculpted look by getting rid of unwanted fat under the chin. Both surgical options offer a fast and more dramatic result then non-surgical treatments. Surgical treatments also offer longer term results than non-surgical treatments. Candidacy and downtime vary based on individual goals and anatomy, therefore our experienced board-certified plastic surgeons offer complimentary consultations for patients to learn more about the surgeries and if it is right for them.

Where to Find the Best Treatments for Turkey Neck in North Chicago

Whether your concern is submental fat, loose skin on the neck or both there are a variety of treatments available to help. This article features some of the most popular and well-known treatments but there are even more available! The physicians at Ritacca Cosmetic surgery & Medspa offer complimentary consultations to determine candidacy. Schedule your complimentary consultation today.

Double Chin Causes and Solutions

A study performed by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery last year reported that 68% of people were concerned with the extra chin or neck fat. This common concern of many can lead to low self esteem and embarrassment. However, if you have a double chin, it may not be your fault. Among the many double chin causes are genetics and aging. And there’s more good news: there are a variety of solutions available to help improve the appearance of the chin, neck, and jaw line.

Most Common Double Chin Causes

As mentioned previously, aging is a big reason we develop double chins. As we age we lose muscle and the when the muscle under the chin weakens it can cause loose and sagging skin. Another of the numerous double chin causes is genetics. Some families have a hereditary predisposition. The primary culprit for double chins is excess fat. At the end of the day, the reason for excessive fat beneath the chin, known as submental fullness, does’t matter. What does matter is that your double chin causes you embarrassment, and you want to get rid of it. How do you get rid of that stubborn double chin? Find out below.

How to Get Rid of Your Double Chin

Kybella® Non-Surgical Double Chin Eliminator

double chin causes and solutions - Kybella Chicago

Kybella® is an FDA approved injectable drug identical to deoxycholic acid a substance naturally found in our body that, when injected into the double chin causes the fat to be absorbed and eliminated by the body. Kybella® is manufactured from Allergan the same company that produces BOTOX® and Juvéderm®. Kybella® is precisely administered with a fine needle to the excess fat under the chin in a quick treatment. After Kybella® most patients experience swelling to the area that can last about week. The treatment is typically performed in a series of 2-4 treatments repeated every 4 weeks. Kybella® is non invasive and permanent fat reduction method that offers the added benefit of skin retraction for mild laxity. For those with moderate laxity other treatments such as ThermiRF which uses radiofrequency and Ultherapy that uses advanced ultrasound technology can be used in conjunction with Kybella® for skin tightening.

CoolMini by CoolSculpting for Double Chin Reduction

CoolSculpting CoolMini Double chin reduction chicago

CoolSculpting is an efficacious treatment that has been around for over 10 years. Over 2 million treatments have been performed worldwide. CoolSculpting uses a technology called cryolipolysis in which fat cells are painlessly frozen, shattered, and permanently eliminated. The CoolMini applicator is placed directly under the chin suctioning in the tissue between cooling plates. The treatment in simple, painless, and only takes 45 minutes. There can be minor swelling after treatment which often resolves within a couple of days. A CoolMini treatment is typically performed in a series of 2 treatments spaced 6 weeks apart. Optimal results are seen a few months after treatment. CoolSculpting does not treat laxity so it can also be combined with skin tightening treatments if needed.


chicago liposuction for double chin

Liposuction is the gold standard method for fat reduction. It offers fast and permanent results. Liposuction can be performed in several methods including tumescent, laser, and wet. With all types of a small incision is made and a cannula is then inserted to break up the fat and suction it out. Liposuction offers patients fast and dramatic results with minimal downtime. The cost of liposuction is comparable to doing a series of non surgical treatments.

Ready to Get Rid of Your Double Chin?

If you are looking to permanently get rid of stubborn submental fat there are several effective treatments available including Kybella®, CoolSculpting, and liposuction. Depending on individual need, goals, and result expectations one of these methods may be the perfect treatment. A healthy diet and exercise can also help prevent and reduce a double chin. Complimentary consultations can be scheduled at (847)367-8815.

Double Chin Reduction in North Chicago

Having unwanted submental fat also known as the “double chin” is a common concern that affects many. There are a variety of treatments on the market that promote getting rid of the double chin such as Kybella®, Coolsculpting, and Ultherapy skin tightening. This article provides information on these commonly researched treatments including effectiveness and downtime in double chin reduction in our medical spa conveniently located in the North Chicago suburbs.

Kybella® Injections for Double Chin Reduction

kybella double chin reduction chicago

Kybella® is an injectable medication identical to deoxycholic acid, a substance naturally found in out body that melts fat for good. Kybella® was established from the highly reputable company Allergan that also manufactures BOTOX® and Juvéderm®. Kybella® is injected virtually pain free with a tiny needle straight to the submental area that has been carefully marked with an injection grid by the provider. After Kybella® patients may experience swelling that typically can last about a week. Kybella® results can be seen at 4 weeks and if another session is recommend that is when it is typically retreated. The amount of treatments recommended varies based on individual need and on average ranges between 2-4 treatments.


Coolsculpting CoolMini to Freeze Away the Double Chin Fat


coolmini double chin before treatmentcoolsculpting double chin after treatment

Coolsculpting is a highly reputable treatment that has been around for over 10 years. The results are tried and true. There is a new treatment called the CoolMini that has an applicator specifically designed for the submental area. The applicator feels like a little suction cup vacuum while a cooling system painlessly freezes the fat cells. The treatment is non invasive and offers no downtime. Patients simply watch TV or relax during the 45 minute appointment. Once the treatment is performed the body naturally shatters and eliminates the unwanted fat cells. Few patients may experience some minor swelling or bruising for a few days but it is typically very mild. Results are seen in about 6 weeks and typically 2 treatments are recommended.


Ultherapy Skin Tightening for Double Chin & Neck Rejuvenation

ultherapy double chin and neck rejuvenation

Ultherapy skin tightening does not melt fat but it treats skin laxity which is often confused or associated with unwanted fat. Ultherapy uses state of the art ultrasound technology to stimulate collagen. It is considered to be the gold standard non surgical tissue tightening. Ritacca Cosmetic Surgery & Medspa was one of the first facilities to offer this efficacious technology. The treatment itself takes about 45 minutes to an hour for the submental area. The treatment is non invasive and there is no downtime after Ultherapy other than some swelling that can last about a week. The full tightening affects of a single Ultherapy treatment can be seen in about 3 to 6 months. This is a great option for someone concerned with laxity.


Double Chin Reduction in the North Chicago Suburbs


In conclusion there are several efficacious treatments available for the submental area. All 3 treatments have a high patient satisfaction rate. Pricing is dependent on the procedure, number of treatments, and individual need. During a complimentary consultation a treatment specialist will help determine which treatment is ideal based on individual goals, need, and overall health. Some factors that determine the ideal treatment are the quantity of fat, laxity, age, and overall health. Schedule your complimentary consultation today at (847)367-8815.

Anti Aging for Men: Bro-tox, hair restoration & more

anti aging for men

The number of men seeking cosmetic dermatology procedures has exploded in recent years with terms like ‘bro-tox’ and ‘metrosexual’ becoming a part of our ever changing vocabulary. In fact, according to The American Society of Plastic Surgeons, more than 385,000 men received Botulinum Toxin (BOTOX®) injections in the United States last year alone. That’s a 310% increase in the past 10 years!

Anti-Aging for Men: Why the Trend?

The overall trend for cosmetic treatments and anti aging for men has been geared towards non-invasive treatments that require minimal downtime and produce subtle outcomes. The social stigma that may have once existed around cosmetics is rapidly declining and male patients are seeing the benefits of having a more youthful appearance in a competitive world.
Fear of ending up with a feminine look is a common concern among men, especially with filler treatments. Men may be more concerned that women and even other men will notice that “something has been done.” The best way to avoid colleagues from studying your face with wonderment is first to make your injector aware of your concerns and reservations. Likely during your consultation, your injector will suggest what they believe to be best course of action for you. They may suggest BOTOX® for wrinkles, dermal fillers for volume, and possibly even photofacial for uneven skin tones. If you do not want that “done up” look, avoid signing on the dotted line for all treatments right away! Making subtle changes slowly over the course of several months is the best way to avoid not looking like yourself.

Brotox and Celebrities: Anti Aging for Men in Hollywood!

But what has sparked this newfound worldwide interest in men wanting to look younger? The biggest factor may be the ever expanding social acceptance trickling down from the icons of Hollywood. Famous men like Simon Cowell, David Hasselhoff and Patrick Dempsey all shamelessly admit that they have been getting BOTOX® injections for years. Uncandid support such as this leaves men wondering “why not me?”

How the Recession Fueled the Popularity of Anti Aging for Men

Another cause for men to feel the need to look younger may be fear of age discrimination. When the job recession started in 2008, competition for high-paying positions skyrocketed, and the anti aging for men trend took off with news headlines like “Brotox: BOTOX® for Men” and “Manscaping Trends” hitting major publications. According to the AARP Public Policy Institute, two-thirds of workers between the ages of 45 and 74 say they have seen or experienced age discrimination on the job. In a world where the first impression is the most important, you only get one shot to look your best!

Where to go for treatments
To find a physician who performs BOTOX® treatments, you don’t need to look very far! They are everywhere! But to look your best, you need to go to the best! Ritacca Cosmetic Surgery and Medspa is nationally ranked in the top 2% of the country for BOTOX® injections. Our injectors are national trainers for Allergan (the creators of BOTOX®) and travel the region to train your average physician on how to become a master BOTOX® injector. Ritacca Cosmetic Surgery and Medspa has also been Allergan Black Diamond Awarded since 2006.

Why Choose Ritacca Cosmetic Surgery and Medspa in Vernon Hills?

Aside from Ritacca Cosmetic Surgery and Medspa’s superior status as Allergan trainers, we are also national trainers for Galderma (the makers of Dysport). Dysport is also a botulinum toxin, very similar to BOTOX®, used as a wrinkle-relaxer to fight the signs of aging. Our physicians are also national trainers for Sciton Lasers, the company who very proudly brings you effective treatments like Profractional for skin resurfacing and the Forever Young BBL which uses broad-band light to correct uneven skin tones, acne and facial veins.
We are also proud to say that we have been pioneers in the industry by being the first practice to perform many new or up-and-coming procedures. We are credentialed with being the first practice in Illinois to offer:

  • Ulthera, a non-surgical skin tightening treatment used as an alternative to surgical face lift, one of the best options in anti aging for men, as it also requires no needles
  • Laser Hair Removal
  • Picosure Laser, which provides better tattoo removal results with fewer treatments. Kybella®, a non-invasive permanent injectable solution to submental fullness (also known as the double-chin), another popular non-surgical treatment for men
  • Hair Restoration with a female Hair Restoration Specialist.  Hair restoration can be called the first treatment to be categorized as “anti aging for men,” as hair loss (in addition to gray hair) can make most men appear older than they are.


anti aging for men

When looking through the plethora of practices that you could choose to get your treatments with– evaluating their experience, status, and credentialing is a very important part to getting the best results available for whatever treatment you are seeking. Especially for the male cosmetic patient, subtle improvements without unfavorable side-effects is imperative to obtaining and keeping a patients confidence and trust. At Ritacca Cosmetic Surgery and Medspa our superior knowledge and elite status in the cosmetic industry is what sets us apart from the average practice. You could put your trust in no better facility in the Midwest!
If you or someone you know would like more information on anti aging for men, or other ways to make subtle improvements in relation to male aesthetics, please contact Ritacca Cosmetic Surgery & Medspa to schedule your free consultation.

Kybella® Double Chin Reduction

chicago kybella before and afterLooking to get rid of your double chin? Up until recently, the only option for reducing submental chin fat and fullness would have been either liposuction or good-old-fashioned diet and exercise! However, a new injectable from Kythera Biopharmaceuticals promises fat reduction in the double chin area with minimal risk of complications.


Recently, the FDA approved Kybella®, a new injectable that eliminates the problem without the need for surgery. The medical professionals of Ritacca Cosmetic Surgery and Medspa in the greater Chicago area are of the first to offer this liposuction alternative; which has clinically proven to “melt” fat cells and reduce the look of the double-chin.


What is Kybella®?

Kybella®, from Kythera Biopharmaceuticals, is a brand new, non-invasive injection made of deoxycholic acid which is designed to reduce submental fat below the chin that gives the appearance of a “double-chin.” Unlike traditional injectables, which are temporary and require repeat visits following treatment, Kybella® eliminates submental fat cells from the body to provide long-lasting results.


Who is the ideal candidate for Kybella® injections?

The ideal candidate for Kybella® is one suffering from mild to moderate amount of submental fat. For some patients, a larger area of excess fat may be too expansive for Kybella® to treat.  In these cases, a different treatment option, such as liposuction, may be recommended.


How does the double chin injection work?

Kybella® is a specialized formulation of acid that is naturally found in the body that is responsible for breaking down and absorbing fat cells. Kybella® uses this same principle to attack submental fat cells upon injection into the targeted area, where it begins eliminating excess fat from the system. The procedure is performed by marking the patient’s submental fat with a grid for precision/accuracy. The area is then numbed, and injected with Kybella®. Instantly the solution will begin to dissolve the fat cells; destroying the double-chin fat and reducing the prominence of the lower chin forever.


How many treatments will I need to erase my double chin?

kybella in chicagoThe average patient usually requires 2-3 treatments, 4-6 weeks apart. The exact number of injections is dependent on the amount of submental fat present, as well as other factors, such as age and genetics. Each treatment takes no longer than 15 to 20 minutes on average to administer. Over the course of one month, the fat melts away and is naturally flushed from the body. Once recovered/healed from the initial Kybella® treatment, patients may opt for more treatment or may be completely satisfied with the results.


What are Kybella®’s Side Effects?

Kybella®’s safety and efficacy has been monitored by the FDA and gained approval in early 2015. However, some patients may experience mild to moderate side effects. Immediate side-effects include mild inflammation, bruising, pain or numbness at the injection site. Rare, yet possible, side effects include trouble swallowing and facial muscle weakness.


How much does Kybella® Cost?

The price of Kybella® is specific to how many vials and sessions of treatment you will need to achieve the optimal result. It will also vary depending on which medical office you receive treatment from. At Ritacca Cosmetic Surgery and Medspa, we office special discounted pricing, and very attractive financing options to fit everyone’s needs.

Are there any contraindications?

Kybella® is contraindicated for patients who have a current or recent infection at the injection site. Kybella® should be used with caution in patients with bleeding abnormalities as excessive bleeding or bruising in the treatment area may occur. Patients who have had surgery in the throat/neck region are also advised to proceed with caution as changes in the anatomy may have occured. Kybella® is not intended for use with juvenile patients under the age of 18 and has not been tested for adverse effects on pregnant or nursing women.

Is there a noticeable difference?

Kybella® is one of those treatments that will have you looking in the mirror with a difference you can see! It is customary for the medical staff at Ritacca Cosmetic Surgery and Medspa to take before and after photos. This will allow us to clearly highlight the transformation of your profile from before to after treatment. Results with Kybella® are long-lasting and likely to be permanent as long as the patient does not gain weight; when the excess fat cells are destroyed and completely removed from the body, they cannot return to the system unless significant weight gain occurs. **(Actual before and after photos of real patients are available on the Ritacca website below)**

Fat dissolving drugs are not new to the market and have been around for decades. The fat dissolving injection treatments known as Mesotherapy is popular with many practitioners in the US and around the world. Fat dissolving drugs have been met varying amounts of success and failure. One of the problems with many fat dissolving treatments in the past was the lack of standardization and consistency. Kybella® has proven to provide a safe and effective treatment that completely eliminates the ability for varying consistency and standards.


Kybella® Reviews & Results

“Immediately following my first Kybella® treatment, I experienced no complications or side-effects besides some mild swelling under my chin. Over the next few days, I realized my chin starting to get smaller and smaller. It has been 4 weeks since my treatment, and I love the results! I notice a big difference in how my lower face looks and feels. I cannot wait for me next Kybella® treatment!!” –Patient K. Witt **(Actual Ritacca Cosmetic Surgery and Medspa Patient)**

“I came in for my first Kybella® treatment on July 21, 2015. I was a little nervous because I am typically not very pain tolerant, but I really wanted to treat my stubborn chin fat! The Physician began by drawing on my skin to “map out” my treatment area. She then placed a temporary tattoo of grid lines on the treatment area, which she said ‘ensures even distribution.’ When the injections started I did not feel any discomfort. Once the product was injected, however, I did feel a slight burning sensation, which lasted for about a half hour. I was immediately given an ice pack to soothe the area and reduce swelling. Once I got home, I was sore in the area and a little swollen, but my family did not even notice I had anything done. When I woke up the next day I definitely looked swollen, but the area was much less tender. By the 3rd day, I had no symptoms at all. Today, my chin area definitely looks improved and feels less bulky than before treatment. I cannot wait to have my second treatment! I would recommend it to anyone!!” –    Patient A. White **  (Actual Ritacca Cosmetic Surgery and Medspa Patient)**
The physicians at Ritacca Cosmetic Surgery and Medspa have decades of combined injecting experience and are constantly continuing education to stay up-to-date with the latest techniques and treatments. Nationally ranked, publically recognized, and double black-diamond Allergan awarded; Ritacca Cosmetic Surgery and Medspa is among the top injectable clinics in the State of Illinois.

If you or someone you know would like be one of the first people in Illinois to experience Kybella®, the revolutionary fat dissolving injectable, please call Ritacca Cosmetic Surgery & Medspa to schedule your free consultation.