Capillus Laser Cap

Capillus is a non-surgical hair loss treatment that both men and women can utilize. The Capillus laser cap uses a low-level light treatment that is effective in stimulating the cells of the hair follicles. This treatment has helped men and women to stop losing their hair and they may be able to regrow up to 20% of their hair volume.

Why Capillus 272 Laser Cap?

With 272 low level laser diodes, the Capillus272 has the most lasers of any hair loss therapy cap or helmet available. More lasers means greater coverage, ensuring consistent and thorough laser hair treatment is spread across the entire scalp. It conceals perfectly inside of any baseball cap or a scarf, is completely hands free after pre-charging, and is rechargeable. It is guaranteed – if you don’t see results in the first year, return it for a partial refund.  

Capillus272 Versus Other Devices

Please be wary of others brands and products who claim to be like the Capillus272 laser therapy cap or have the same efficiency. Though there are some smaller-scale laser and LED helmet devices that are legal in the USA, there is only one laser cap with 272 diodes that is worn under a hat to treat hair loss that is legal for sale in the USA – the Capillus272. Most other caps on the internet and on eBay, even some sold by physicians, have not been cleared by the US FDA to be safe nor effective for treatment of hair loss.  The Capillus covers all areas of the scalp fully with the maximum power and only true lasers, not lower quality LED lights found in lesser laser options. Consumers can check to see whether any laser cap for hair is approved for sale in the USA and is FDA-cleared by searching for the manufacturer or device on the FDA website.

Benefits of Capillus 272™ for Hair Loss:

  • 100% laser technology with 272 laser diodes; no LED lights
  • More laser coverage and power output than other portable at-home devices
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Battery pack is easily clipped onto clothing or carried in a pocket
  • Hair will not be left wet, greasy, or dirty
  • Zero side effects to this non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical product
  • May be combined with other forms of hair restoration therapy
  • Needs to only be worn 3X/week for 30 minutes for six months, then once every other week for maintenance

What does low-level light therapy do?

The low-level red light cap helps to increase cell metabolism along with the health of the blood vessels in order for the scalp to have thicker and stronger hair shafts. It also increases the production of melanin in the hair follicles and can darken gray hairs.

How can I use this at home?

The Capillus laser cap is an at-home device that is portable and dome-shaped and can be easily concealed by a hat or scarf. The red light cap is rechargeable and is hands free after it has been pre-charged.

Consultation with Vernon Hills, North Shore and Chicago Capillus Laser Cap for Home Use

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