Areas on the Face Where Ultherapy Works Anti-Aging Magic

When considering anti-aging treatments, some are better for one area of the body and others better suited for another. BOTOX® is undoubtedly an excellent choice for crow’s feet and forehead lines, while Ultherapy is a fantastic solution for loose skin in certain spots. Here are the areas on the face where Ultherapy works its anti-aging magic.

Ultherapy for the Brows

For many, with age comes a sagging brow. This flaccidity can make you look tired and worn. It can add years to your appearance that do not correlate with your age or how you feel. Although surgery has been the go-to approach to resolve a drooping brow, now there’s a non-invasive solution to lift brows that may hang a bit.

Ultherapy minimizes a sagging brow. It is the ideal option for patients who are looking to add non-surgical treatments that address loose skin to their anti-aging regimen.

Ultherapy for the Chin and Neck

When a turkey neck, double chin, or jowls begin to emerge, and you want to take action immediately without resorting to a facelift, Ultherapy is worth consideration. It offers relief to mild sagging in the neck and chin area through ultrasound energy that stimulates the production of dermal collagen. Results are a smoother, tighter skin texture.

Is Ultherapy for Me?

With so many aesthetic skin tightening treatments available, how can you be sure it’s the best treatment for your cosmetic concerns? For men and women who prefer to avoid surgery for the time being, but want to retain their youthful radiance, Ultherapy will address emerging skin laxity in the brow and chin area. It can also deliver a tighter skin presence on the upper chest area.

Essential Info on Ultherapy

Ultherapy is a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment that avoids incisions, needles, and the risk of complications from general anesthesia. We may offer you a topical anesthetic to maximize your comfort during treatment. 

The procedure is typically less than 90 minutes, and we perform Ultherapy in the confines of our stress-free office environment. You may experience visible results after one session, or we may recommend up to four treatments for optimal results. Once you experience your desired outcome, it will last about one year, after which follow-up treatments are possible.

First Step

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