Weight Loss and the Darker Hours

July 4th doesn’t seem to long ago when the sun was setting around 920PM…warm weather and light still present added up to the ability to perform outside exercise to hours much later than you can do now. And it will continue to get darker earlier as well as chillier. If you were using the late lightness and warmth to get out and exercise, you will be dissuaded soon by the darker and colder environment.

I encourage our patients to do the morning exercise routine. This will tend to get you the exercise in before work when there is a greater chance that you will not feel too tired from having worked the entire day. Something as simple as a treadmill or elliptical machine at your house turns this into a 30 minute venture. When you have to go to a gym, brining a change, showering in a locker room, driving to the gym, etc becomes added on time.

Morning exercise will tend to invigorate most people and give them a positive boost to their day. If you wait for nighttime, the impending darker weather will dissuade you.

-Dr. Posner